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Crewed Charters, Anegada BVI: Anegada is a flat white sand island with 16 miles of white sand beaches, the best fresh lobster and a paradise for divers. Ancient ship wrecks and reefs have been enhanced with colorful formations of exotic undersea plant and animal life.

Anegada comes from the Spanish word for sunken land; it is a coral island with its highest point only 28 feet above sea level, covering 15 square miles it can barely be seen on the horizon when approached by sea. It's known for its miles of endless white sand beaches and the horseshoe reef, which in years past has ensnared hundreds of shipwrecks ranging from sixteenth century treasure ships to modern cargo vessels. Anegada was quite popular with the pirates because of its dangerous reef and difficult access, the island provided seclusion as well as a steady supply of ships to loot as they wrecked on the reef.

Today this reef makes the island a popular dive area, and snorkeling on and around the reefs of the north shore is quite breathtaking and should not be missed by anyone visiting the island! Guided Bonefishing expeditions, vehicle rentals and taxis are also available. There is a small population of about 150 people living on the island. Efforts to keep the island as close to nature as possible have resulted in the recent introduction of a sanctuary for flamingos, ospreys, and terns supervised by the National Parks Trust.

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