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Diving Charters in the BVIs
snorkeling at the Baths
Diving and snorkelling in the Virgin Islands is rated among the best in the world. Over sixty dive sites are chartered, many with National Park mooring buoys. Innumerable virgin reefs remain unexplored. Vertical walls, underwater pinnacles, coral reefs, caverns and wrecks - most notably the RMS Rhone which sank in 1867.

With its warm water, calm seas, and lack of current the BVIs are the perfect place for the novice diver, young or old, to be introduced to the wonderful world of SCUBA. In the British Virgin Islands, where year-round the water is at a temperature of close to 80°F, diving is rarely deeper than 80 feet and most dives are at between 30 and 60 feet. Our dive sites very from sheltered coral reefs to offshore rocks and walls. You can also dive inside grottoes, caves and old shipwrecks. Visibility is mostly good to excellent. The tremendous variety of undersea life you'll encounter will keep you checking in the guide books again and again. The Virgin Islands has a diversity of sites that is without equal.

If you are interested in occasional diving you do not need to charter a yacht specifically designed for diving, you can dive from any of the yachts in our fleet by rendezvous with a local dive company who will meet you at your yacht, take you for your dive and return you to your yacht in time for lunch! The fee is additional to your charter and payable to the dive company on the day (they all accept credit cards). The cost depends on whether you prefer a private dive boat or a willing to share the dive with others.

The cost for a private dive boat is $90 per person, with a minimum of $250. 9:30am to 3:30pm or 3:30pm to 9:30pm (afternoon and night dive), you will be able to do 2 dives in this time, returning to your yacht in time for lunch, or enjoying one of the local restaurants (at your own expense). The rate includes a dive instructor so any level of diver is accommodated, you may be certified and simply need a guide, or you may have never dived before and want to do a half day introductory course to diving (which includes a lesson and a dive). Having done the introductory course once on your vacation you will then be able to dive with the instructor as many times as you wish on that vacation, but you will not be a certified diver.

If you want to do a dive course in order to become a certified diver during your vacation you should choose from one of the following yachts. It is greatly preferred for you to do the theory at home before you arrive, so that your valuable vacation time is not spent studying theory and doing written exams. You can look for your nearest dive company on the internet at or don't book anything until you have chosen your boat: your choice depends on which organisation the on board instructor is affiliated with. Some yachts do offer full open water courses, but remember if you choose to do the whole course you will be studying books much of the time instead of enjoying the Caribbean sunshine and waters!

We recommend one of the following yachts which offer scuba diving if you plan to dive more than once or twice during your vacation:

Dive Master on Board: Yachts with a Dive Master on board (who will guide already certified divers around the wonderful dive sites of the Virgin Islands), in order of size (in feet) Click one of the following:

Dive Instructor on Board: You can also choose a Dive instructor on board for new divers wishing to do an introductory course and dive just for the charter, or an open water completion course (theory at home first and become a certified scuba diver) or certified divers. Click on the following:

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